23. Payment Management

User can search and manage their payment advices in this module. Payment advices refer to payments issued for licence applications, renewal fees etc. User can search for ‘paid’ or ‘unpaid’ payment advice using this module.

  • For unpaid payment advice, user can initiate the e-Payment process using Make Payment.
  • By default, the most recent payment detail or notification will be listed on top.
  • LicenceOne accepts the following e-Payment methods: PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Note: Internet Direct Debit (IDD) will no longer be available in LicenceOne.
  • Note that it is not mandatory for you to sign up PayPal in order to transact with us. You can proceed with payment by filling up your Debit/Credit Card, Billing and Mailing Details required by PayPal as part of the payment transaction.
  • For any refund issues, you can either contact the respective agencies via our ‘Contact Us’ or email our helpdesk at [email protected]

To make online payment, you can follow the following steps:

Step 1: Select ‘Payments’ after login, and search for your payment advice. Click on ‘Make Payment’

Step 2: View the payment details and click on ‘Proceed with Payment’. You will be redirected to PayPal for online payment.

Step 3: Enter your Debit/Credit Card details, followed by the Billing address and Mailing address. Note that the billing address and mailing address entered during PayPal payment will not be used by LicenceOne in contacting you. The addresses are currently only used by PayPal for verification purposes.

Enter Card Details Page

Step 4: Upon successful online payment, you will receive the acknowledgement in LicenceOne. Click on ‘View Receipt’ to print your receipt and click on ‘Close’ to close the acknowledgement page.

For more details, you can view the payment transaction in Payment Enquiry module.