Licences for the following list of agencies would be made available in LicenceOne:

Agencies Licence(s) Commencement Date
IRAS Appraiser's Licence (Lands and Buildings) Coming Soon
MSF Residential Care Facilities Coming Soon
SPF Notice of Intention to Organise an Event 1-Oct-2017
IMDA Amateur Station Licence Coming Soon
IMDA General Radio-comm Mobile Station Coming Soon
IMDA Localised Private Network(Multi-Channel Radiocomm Networks and Systems) Coming Soon
IMDA General Radio-comm Station (Radiodetermination Station) Coming Soon
IMDA Special Purpose Station Coming Soon
IMDA Fixed Wireless Network Coming Soon
IMDA General Radio-comm Station(Base or Fixed Station) Coming Soon
IMDA General Radio-comm Station(Fixed Link or Relay Station) Coming Soon
IMDA Public Mobile Network Coming Soon

CorpPass is the new digital identity business users will need to conduct Government-to-Businesses (G2B) transactions.

  1. Since 19 Dec 2016, CorpPass have been made available in LicenceOne. Business entities can opt to activate CorpPass as the only choice of login method on LicenceOne, upon which they will no longer be able to use their personal SingPass or LicenceOne ID. This encourages entities to start segregating login IDs used for corporate and personal transactions, and enjoy the benefits of CorpPass enhancing personal privacy and protecting sensitive business information.

    CorpPass public briefings are available to assist entities in transition to CorpPass. You can register via the link - Note that seats are limited and on first-come-serve-basis.
  2. From 28 Apr 2017, business entities can authorise 3rd Party entities through CorpPass to transact in LicenceOne on your behalf. Note that both your UEN and the 3rd Party UEN will need to be CorpPass registered. You will need to activate your CorpPass in LicenceOne before 3rd Party could transact on your behalf in LicenceOne.

    CorpPass public briefings for 3rd Party authorisation are also available to assist entities through the setup. You can register via the link - Note that seats are limited and on first-come-serve-basis.
  3. For any other queries on CorpPass, you can email [email protected]. For face-to-face support, you can make an appointment to visit CorpPass Business Center by emailing [email protected]  with subject title "Request for appointment". State the nature of your enquiry with your preferred appointment date and time.

Operating Hours (CorpPass Business Center)
Mon to Fri: 0900hr to 1700hr
Sat: 0900hr to 1300hr
Closed on Sun and PH

2FA (via SMS OTP) for LicenceOne ID users will be made available from 6-May-2017 0800hrs onwards.

This is applicable primarily to public who do not have SingPass or CorpPass accounts and using LicenceOne ID accounts to transact on LicenceOne. 

Key changes include:

  • New LicenceOne ID users will be required to login to LicenceOne using 2FA from 6-May-2017 onwards
  • Existing LicenceOne ID users have until 31-Jan-2018 to activate 2FA, after which 2FA will be made mandatory