Licence Enquiry

Please refer to the below list of licences available now in Licence Enquiry.

Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA)

  • Please click here for the list of AVA licences
Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)
  • Certificate of Registration of School - Kindergarten
  • Child Care Centre Licence
Enterprise Singapore (ESG)
  • Rice Licence
  • Rubber Licence
Health Sciences Authority (HSA)
  • Tobacco Retail Licence 
Hotels Licensing Board (HLB)
  • Certificate of Registration and Hotel-keeper's Licence
Housing & Development Board (HDB)
  • Application for Changes (HDB Commercial Properties)
  • Application for Resale/Transfer of HDB Commercial Properties
  • Home Office Scheme (HDB) 
Info-communications Media Development (IMDA)
Certificate of Competency for Ship Station Operators
  • General Operator's Certificate of Competency
  • Restricted Operator's Certificate of Competency 
Licence for The Sale of Telecommunication Equipment
  • Application for Confirmation of Conformity (COFC)
  • Enhanced Simplified Equipment Registration (ESER)
  • General Equipment Registration (GER)
  • General Equipment Registration by Certification Bodies (GER-CB)
  • Simplified Equipment Registration (SER)
  • Telecommunication Dealer's (Class) Licence
  • Telecommunication Dealer's (Individual) Licence
Licence for the Provision of Telecommunication Services
  • Exhibition of Telecommunication Equipment (with Frequency)
  • Exhibition of Telecommunication Equipment (without Frequency)
  • Facilities-based Operations Licence
  • Services-Based Operator (Class) Licence
  • Services-Based Operator (Individual) Licence
  • Technical Trial (without Frequency)
  • Technical Trial (with use of Frequency)
Licence for the Operation of Radio-communication Station/Network
  • Aircraft Station Licence
  • Amateur Station Licence
  • Experimental Station Licence
  • Fixed Wireless Network
  • General Radio-comm (Mobile Station)
  • General Radio-comm Station (Base or Fixed Station)
  • General Radio-comm Station (Fixed Link or Relay Station)
  • General Radio-comm Station (Radiodetermination Station)
  • Localised Private Network Licence
  • Localised Private Network (Multi-Channel Radiocom Networks and Systems)
  • Localised Radio-Communication Station Licence
  • Public Mobile Network
  • Satellite Communication Station Licence
  • Special Purpose Station
  • Ship Station Licence
  • Temporary Use of Radio Frequency
  • Wide-Area Private Network Licence
Licence for the Installation of Internal Telecommunication Wiring
  • Telecommunication Wiring Contractor's (Class) Licence
  • Telecommunication Wiring Installer's Licence
Licence for the Provision of Broadcasting Services
  • Computer Online Service Licence 
  • Nationwide TV Service Licence
  • Radio Service Licence
  • Registration for Internet Access Service Providers And Resellers Class Licence
  • Registration Form C for Class Licensable Broadcasting Services
  • Subscription International Television Service Licence 
  • TV Receive-Only System Licence
Licence for the Distribution / Exhibition of Films
  • Film (Distribution/Exhibition) Licence 
Licence/Permit for Newspaper & Printing Press
  • Newspaper Permit
  • Printing Press Licence
Licence for the Provision of Arts Entertainment
  • Arts Entertainment Licence
Licence for Provision of Postal Services
  • Express Letter Services (Class) Licence 
  • Postal Services Operations Licence
Licence for Provision of Service of Detecting Underground Telecommunication Cable
  • Telecommunication Cable Detection Worker Class Licence
Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)
  • Appraiser's Licence (Lands and Buildings)

Land Transport Authority (LTA)

  • Taxi Driver's Vocational Licence (TDVL) / Private Hire Car Driver's Vocational Licence (PDVL)
Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS)
  • Asatizah Recognition Scheme
  • Islamic Education Centres And Providers Registration 
Ministry of Education (MOE)
  • Certificate of Registration of School
Ministry of Law (MINLAW)
  • Certificate of Exemption (the Moneylenders Act (Cap.188))
  • Moneylender's Licence
  • Pawnbroker's Licence
Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
  • Employment Agency Licence 
  • Factory Notification and Registration 
Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)
  • Licence for Residential Care Facilities 
National Environment Agency (NEA)
  • Environmental Control Officer Certificate
  • Food Shop Licence 
  • Food Stall Licence
  • Fumigator Licence 
  • General Waste Collector Licence
  • General Waste Disposal Facility Licence
  • Hazardous Substances (HS) Licence
  • Hazardous Substances (HS) Permit
  • Hazardous Substances (HS) Transport Approval 
  • L1 - Licence to manufacture, possess for sale or deal in ionising irradiating apparatus
  • L2 - Licence to manufacture, possess for sale or deal in radioactive materials
  • L3 - Licence to keep or possess an ionising irradiating apparatus for use (other than sale) 
  • L4 - Licence to keep or possess radioactive materials for use (other than sale)
  • L5 - Licence to use ionising irradiating apparatus (other than sale)
  • L6 - Licence to use, handle, and transport radioactive materials (other than sale)
  • L6A - Licence to handle and transport radioactive materials 
  • L7A/B - Licence to import or export a consignment of ionising irradiating apparatus
  • L8A/B - Licence to import or export a consignment of radioactive materials
  • N1 - Licence to manufacture, possess or deal in non-ionising irradiating apparatus
  • N3 - Licence to use lasers 
  • N4A/B - Licence to import or export a consignment of non-ionising irradiating apparatus
  • R1- Registration as a radiation worker 
  • Supermarket Licence
  • Swimming Pool Licence
  • Toxic Industrial Waste (TIW) Collector's Licence
  • Toxic Industrial Waste (TIW) Transport Approval
  • Vector Control Operator Certificate
  • Vector Control Technician Licence
  • Vector Control Worker Certificate
Public Utilities Board (PUB)
  • Written Approval for the Discharge of Trade Effluent Into the Public Sewer
Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF)
  • Application for Temporary Change of Use Permit 
  • Petroleum / Flammable Materials Storage Licence
  • Petroleum / Flammable Materials Transportation Licence
Singapore Police Force (SPF)
  • Class 5 - Temporary Liquor Licence
  • Liquor Licence (Class 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4) 
  • Liquor Licence - Extension of Operating Hours
  • Massage Establishment Licence
  • Massage Establishment Licence- Employee Registration
  • Notice of Intention to Organise an Event
  • Notification to Police of Exempted Massage Establishment
  • Private Investigation Agency Licence
  • Public Entertainment Licence 
  • Public Entertainment Licence - Notification to Police of Exempted Public Entertainments or Arts Entertainment
  • Security Agency Licence
  • Security Service Provider Licence
SkillsFuture Singapore Agency (SSG)
  • EduTrust Certification Scheme 
  • Registration of Private Education Institutions
Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)
  • Change of Use Approval
  • Home Office Scheme (URA) 

Sample Screen of Licence Enquiry

We will be updating our system with more licences progressively as we upgrade our system to serve you better.

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