8. One-time activation of CorpPass in GoBusiness Licensing

With the introductions of CorpPass in GoBusiness Licensing, CorpPass will eventually replace SingPass or GoBusiness Licensing ID for corporate transactions. SingPass and GoBusiness Licensing ID will remain available to support personal transactions by individuals. 

Business entities can now opt to activate CorpPass as the only choice of login method on GoBusiness Licensing, upon which they will no longer be able to use their personal SingPass or GoBusiness Licensing ID. This encourages entities to start segregating login IDs used for corporate and personal transactions, and enjoy the benefits of CorpPass enhancing personal privacy and protecting sensitive business information.

After successful login with CorpPass, you will be required to perform a one-time activation in GoBusiness Licensing. Provide your correspondence email and verify your corporate records in GoBusiness Licensing before proceeding with the activation.

Click Proceed to Activate button.

After successful activation, an email confirmation, summarising records available in GoBusiness Licensing, will be sent to the correspondence email indicated. The applicant/filer of each respective record in GoBusiness Licensing will also receive notification of the user’s activation of CorpPass.

You are now ready to transact with GoBusiness Licensing!