20. Renew Expiring Licence

Licence renewal process refers to the submission of renewal application by licensee. Depending on the agency’s licensing policy, a licence may expire after its validity period. For such licences, a renewal notification will be sent to the licensee before the expiry date. There are two types of renewal:
  • Licence that requires a Request for Renewal Number for renewal (RRN Renewal) - The Request for Renewal Number will be provided by the agency in the notification.
  • Licence that do not require RRN for renewal (Non-RRN Renewal).
Licensee may submit the renewal application along with the required payment to the respective agency for approval. Note: Not all licences allow amendment of licence information during renewal.

Step 1: Click on ‘Licence Application’ → ‘Renew Expiring Licence’ after logging into the system. Note that to renew HLB licences, you will need to go to ‘My Portfolio’ → ‘Licences’ tab.

Step 2: Select either ‘By RRN’ or ‘Government Agencies’ to proceed. RRN, also known as ‘Renewal Request Number’ will be sent to licensee when the licence is due for renewal and it is only applicable to a list of specific licences. For the list licences applied via RRN, visit the renewal page for details.

Step 3a (RRN Renewal): Select ‘By RRN’ tab and enter your RRN number. Note that if the RRN has being used (e.g. in draft mode or submitted by another filer), you will not be able to proceed with the application to avoid duplicate submission.

Sample RRN Email Notification

Step 3b (Non-RRN Renewal): Select ‘Government Agencies’ tab and select the agency, followed by the licence you will like to renew.

Step 4 (common renewal steps): Enter the general information forms, followed by the application details.

If there are changes to be made to the licence, click Edit to amend licence form details. Otherwise, click Next.