7. CorpPass in LicenceOne

Singapore Corporate Access (or CorpPass) is the new digital identity business users will need to conduct Government-to-Businesses (G2B) transactions.

Business users will now have the option of using CorpPass as a login mechanism to access LicenceOne, when transacting with the government online. By segregating login IDs used for corporate and personal transactions, CorpPass enhances personal privacy and protects sensitive business information.


Let’s Start!

1. Go to www.corppass.gov.sg to register & setup CorpPass for your entity

You will need to ensure that your employees who need to have access to LicenceOne are assigned the LicenceOne e-Service in the CorpPass system.

Setup Corppass screen Image
2. Log in to LicenceOne using your Unique Entity Number (UEN), CorpPass ID and Password

Click Login on the right top menu.

Click Login via CorpPass.

Licence One Login Page

Specify Entity ID, CorpPass ID and Password, and click Login button.

Login Corppass Image

If you have set up 2FA using your registered mobile number, a 6-digit Mobile OTP would be automatically sent to your registered mobile number. Else, click ‘Get OTP via SMS’.

Next, enter the 6-digit Mobile OTP sent to your registered mobile number and click Submit button.

Corppass OTP Screen Image

Alternatively, you may log in using OneKey token by clicking the ‘Via OneKey Token’ tab.

Key in the 8-digit OTP generated by your OneKey token and click Submit button.

Corppass Token Screen Image
3. Perform a one-time activation of CorpPass in LicenceOne

Activation of CorpPass in LicenceOne is only applicable for entity with existing corporate transactions in LicenceOne made through SingPass or LicenceOne ID.

After successful login with CorpPass, you will be required to perform a one-time CorpPass activation in LicenceOne. Provide your correspondence email and verify your corporate records in LicenceOne before proceeding with the activation.

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1. Authorisation in CorpPass

Licensees are to note that the introduction of CorpPass in LicenceOne does not replace the current access rights to perform renewal, amendment or cancellation of your licence. You may want to refer to the below table for more details.





Who can perform renewal, amendment or cancellation of your licence?

1. MOM Employment Agency Licence

Only registered personnel who are key appointment holders can renew, amend or cancel your licences.


For more information, visit the following links





Staff/KAH Registration


Staff/KAH Deregistration


Change of Personnel particulars


Amend of licence profile


2. SPF All SPF Licences in LicenceOne Only licensee can renew, amend or cancel the licence.

3. HSA Tobacco Retail Licence Only Applicant/ authorised filer and the company directors listed in ACRA can amend the licence records.
Only Applicant/ authorised filer can cancel the licence records

Licences for
- Provision of Telecommunication Services
- Operation of Radio-communication Station/Network

- Installation of internal Telecommunication Wiring
- Provision of Postal Services
- Provision of Detecting Underground Telecommunication Cable

Only authorised person that the licensee has requested IMDA to include in the licence are able to update/renew/cancel


To authorise additional users, please login to TLS.

Instruction can be found here.

5. MOE Certificate of Registration of School Application is to be made only by the current/proposed member of the School Committee of Management.