1. Introduction

Participating licensing agencies will be upgrading their licensing services to deliver a more user-friendly and efficient licensing experience for businesses. The improved services enhance the licence application process and payment of licence-related fees.

Other features include the amendment, renewal and cancellation of licences.

What’s New?

  • Dashboard view on your on-going applications/licences and payments
  • Enhanced process to connect your business with licensing agencies
  • Complete tracking of your current/past transactions
  • 360 view of your licences with other Government agencies
  • One-stop communication with licensing officers during application process

Participating Agencies

  • Animal & Veterinary Service, a cluster of National Parks Board (AVS)
  • National Parks Board (NParks)
  • Singapore Food Agency (SFA)


Please note that the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) will be formed on 1 April 2019. The SFA will replace the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) to oversee Singapore’s food safety and security. Concurrently, all non-food plant and animal related functions of AVA will be transferred to the National Parks Board (NParks). NParks will be the lead agency for animal and wildlife management, as well as animal and plant health.

The SFA will serve as the single point of contact for public feedback on food-related issues, and strengthen management of foodborne disease outbreaks to protect public health. The SFA will also facilitate more business-friendly regulations with oversight of all food safety policies and consolidation of food laboratory capabilities to deepen competencies in food diagnostics, and research and development in food safety. A new Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) under NParks will be the main touch-point on animal health and animal-related issues for pet owners and businesses, as well as animal welfare groups.