18. Print Certificate with Watermark

18. Print Certificate with Watermark

Download  (PDF, 545 KB) User Installation/Troubleshooting Guide for NEW print option setup
Download (PDF, 1.2 MBTroubleshooting Guide for printing with watermark printers

18.1. Print Certificate

System allows licensee to print watermark certificate(s) based on the following conditions:

  • Selected licence allows printing with watermark.
  • The machine used to generate the licence has a compatible watermark printer connected.
  • To prevent print count from being used up, system will detect connected printers and displays list of watermark printer(s) for selection before printing.

For watermark supporting document, please ensure the content in the document is embedded within A4 size (Width: 21cm, Height: 29.7cm), with transparent background and kept within the recommended default margin (Top: 1.9 cm, Bottom: 1.9 cm, Right: 1.8 cm, Left: 1.8 cm)


Document should be with transparent background. Some examples of non-transparent background:

  • The fully scanned document will be in the form of image so it will overlap the watermark print even it is in the PDF format.
  • The documents with background colour will overlap the watermark print.
  • The documents with coloured table cells will overlap the watermark print.

For signatures, applicant can use digital signatures at the bottom of the documents so that it won't overlap with watermark print

Steps to print certificate:

  1. Login to GoBusiness Licensing via SingPass or Foreigner ID
  2. Select Profile (click Next)

Method 1:

  1. Click Licences in top menu
  2. Click on Licence Number

  1. Click Print


Method 2:

  1. Click the Print Icon from Licences
  2. Click Print

   8. Java Applet will be loaded. Click Print.

   9.Hardcopy certificate with watermark will be printed.

18.2. Re-print Certificate

  • Licensee can request and pay for printing of additional copy(s) of the certificate when the print count has been used up.
  • System automatically updates "Print" to "Re-Print Request" for certificate when print count is used up.
  • payment advice is created for licensee to make payment after sending request for re-print.
  • Agency officer will be able to reset watermark print count after payment is received.


Steps to print certificate:

  1. Repeat steps 1 – 5 under Section 17.1. Print Certificate
  2. Enter number of copies required.
  3. Click Yes.

  1. Proceed to make payment for reprint.
  2. Repeat steps 1 – 5 above to print the certificate after the officer has reset the print count.