19. New Licence Application

19. New Licence Application

  •  When applying for licences, the individual public or company applicant can either
    • Apply for licences on their own or
    • Get a filer to apply on their behalf
  • The applicant will initiate the application process by submitting the application in the system.
  • Once submitted, the application is processed by the agency officer.

New Licence Application Process:

  • STEP 1:
  • Select Licence(s) to apply
  • Login & Profile Selection
  • STEP 2:
  • Submit Applicant Profile Information
  • STEP 3:
  • Fill in required Application Form details
  • STEP 4:
  • Attach Supporting Document(s)
  • STEP 5:
  • Agree to Declaration(s)
  • STEP 6:
  • Make Payment (only applicable for Licences which require up-front payment)

Acknowledgement is displayed once application is successfully submitted.

Selecting and Applying for Licence(s)

Step 1: Click on Licence Application to launch SFA & NParks/AVS Licence listing/search page. You can perform a search using this page to retrieve relevant Licences. Click on "Add to Selection" to add Licence to Cart.

Step 2: After adding those Licences required, Click on Review & Apply to view the Licences selected. Click on "Proceed" to continue.

Step 3: You can select or unselect licences using the checkboxes. You can also view Licence Fees and information by clicking on "Details".

Step 4: Optional. You can click on Email Me to email selected Licences details to an input email address.

Step 5: Relevant Licences (if any) will also be displayed.

Step 6: To find out more about Relevant Licences, click on "Take me there".

Step 7: Click on "Apply" to proceed with application for the selected Licences under "To be applied at GoBusiness Licensing".

Please refer to the following diagrams for step 8 onwards.


Application Details

Licence Application Form (Sample)