24. Licence Renewal

24. Licence Renewal

  • Licence renewal process refers to the submission of renewal applications by licensee.
  • In order to initiate renewal process for licences nearing expiry period, renewal notifications and reminders are triggered by the system, and respective licensee gets notified of their licence status.
    • Together with the first expiry notification, a renewal case will be generated in the system, of which the link will be provided together in the notification.
  • Licence will be EXPIRED if licensee fails to renew the licence before the Expiry Date and within the Grace Period (if applicable).

Auto Renewal

  • System allows auto renewal of licences and the process is approved upon successful payment deduction.
  • For auto renewal licences, licences will be automatically renewed by the system and payment will be deducted from licensee's GIRO account upon licence expiry date.
  • In order to have this feature enabled, licence should support the following conditions:
    1. Licensee has GIRO account registered in the system.
    2. Licence payment is via GIRO payment mode.
    3. Licensee input is not mandatory during renewal.

Steps to Renew Licence

* Please note that only the licensee is able to renew the licence. The licensee is usually the person whom the renewal email is addressed to.

Please renew your licence by following the steps below:

  1. ‘Login via Singpass' or ‘Login for Foreigners without Singpass'.
  2. Under My Portfolio, click on Licences tab.
  3. Click on the Action button on the right of the licence you wish to renew, click on Renew.
  4. Step 1: General Information
    a. Fill in all mandatory fields and check all checkbox (where required).
    b. Click Next.
  5. Step 2: Renewal Details
    a. Under Form Type, click on Renew with amendment.
    b. Click Start.
    c. Fill in all mandatory fields and select all checkbox (where required)
    d. Click on ‘Add' under Establishment address and check to make sure the addresses are correct.
    e. Ensure that Emergency Contact details are filled up and the Contact Number has a ‘+65' in front.
    f. Click on Save, followed by ‘Proceed'.
    g. Click Next.
  6. Step 3: Supporting document
    a. Attach any required supporting document.
  7. Step 4: Declaration
    a. Fill in all mandatory fields and select all checkbox (where required).
    Click on Submit / Proceed to payment (whichever is applicable).