13. Manage Profile

13. Manage Profile


Profile type Applicable user types Description
  • Applicant
  • Filer
  • User will be applying as Individual if the licence is issued under a person’s name without representing any business, organization or a company.
  • User can be a licensee himself or filer who has been authorised by the licensee to submit the application request on behalf of him.
  • Director, business, owner or employee of the company
  • Filer applying on behalf of the company
  • When the license is issued under an entity like business, company or an organization, user will be selecting this profile.
  • User type can be director, business, owner or employee of the entity.
  • An authorized filer can apply for the licence on behalf of the entity.
  • User will be entering the UEN of the company.

What is UEN?

UEN is a multi-agency initiative aiming to develop one number that enables entitles' convenient interactions with government agencies.

All companies that operate in Singapore can interact with government agencies using their UEN.

Visit http://www.uen.gov.sg for more details.


Update Profile / Change Password


Select and Switch Profile

  • If logged in user have multiple user profiles (i.e. both individual and company), he/she can switch his/her profile.
  • All transactions and views in the system will be shown according to the selected Profile type after the switch.