30. Stock Card

30. Stock Card

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Trader will be able to request for creation, amendment and manage stock cards owned by them. Officer will process the request and notify the outcome back to applicant via automated email notification.  By using this function, trader can make sure that they have the right stock card and enough quantity to apply for CITES and Pre-Signed CITES permits.

Stock Card Process:

stock card process


Create Stock Card Request

Trader can request for the creation of new stock card by completing the product details, consignment details and quantity with necessary supporting documents.


Stock Card Application Enquiry

Trader can search for the stock card application(s) that they have submitted for processing and perform the following actions:

  • View the application details
  • Duplicate existing application and submit as a new request

Stock Card Application Status:




Stock Card application is submitted and pending officer’s approval.


Stock Card application is approved.


Stock Card application is rejected.


stock card application status


Stock Card Enquiry

Trader can search for their stock card and perform the following actions:

  • View the stock card details
  • Submit amendment request on the available stock card quantity

stock card enquiry